All-In-One EPOS Card Machines – What’s the Best Option? 


The first question here is whether an all in one system like the Poynt61 is better or separate devices? Are all-in-one EPOS card machine systems any good? The simple answer is yes.  But it depends on how complex your set up is and what features you need.

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Traditional Players: Square, SumUp, iZettle,

Square, SumUp, and iZettle are the big players in the industry, offering good all-in-one EPOS solutions. They provide good systems, but this often comes with higher transaction fee rates and only online customer service. These high rates can really ramp up costs each month, even if there’s no machine monthly rental.  For example SumUp offer 1.69%, iZettle offer 1.75% and Square offer 1.75% transaction rates.


Poynt61 – A good lower cost card machine & epos solution

Poynt61 launched a few years ago, but the new unit has improved it further with better connectivity, battery life & with generic till rolls.   You can either buy it or lease it with no up front costs and the monthly fees are much lower at nearer 0.6%.  Poynt61 Has also launched an integration with the Xero accounting software, making reconciliation easier.


  • Cheaper than izettle, square & sum up with lower rates
  • Suits businesses taking more than £40k per year on cards


  • Simple interface & features, but gets expensive once you add extra printers
  • Not Capable of advanced features such as Stock Tracking


Epos solutions for bigger businesses

For businesses with more complex ordering & feature needs there are better solutions, but they come at an extra cost.

All in one systems usually have features like modifiers, order printing, discounts, tax , product sales management and staff management, but if you want additional features for a more complex business then a separate system may work better.  Such features might be:-

  • Stock management
  • Clocking in / out
  • Table booking & management
  • Online appointment booking

For these sorts of features then a full epos system would work better and android epos systems like Sunmi or Imin provide a good cost effective solution.  ios epos systems can also be good for bigger businesses, but the software and devices are usually more expensive.

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Order at table devices

With a bigger epos system, you can also add hand held devices like a Pax card machine or Poynt to allow order & pay at table on the same device. This can speed up customer service and bring down costs. You can send orders to kitchen / bar without leaving the table.


In conclusion, the market for all-in-one EPOS card machines is expanding, providing businesses with more choices than ever. When considering the best option for your hospitality, retail, events, cafe or coffee shop, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons.

Our Poynt61 all in one Epos machine does emerge as a compelling option, offering affordability without compromising on functionality. But a bigger epos system may work better for you, so please feel free to call us for advice before making a decision.  0203 985 9089


Make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of EPOS solutions.


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