Our Story

Here at Breathe Payments we do things differently. We strive to do the right thing for our customers, our staff and for our planet. That’s why when it comes to giving back, it’s a no brainer. We live and breathe our beliefs…

  • We are always on our customers side. We believe in treating our customers fairly and in providing great customer service. No hidden fees, no surprises, no messy break ups.
  • We go the extra mile to help your business grow. We are passionate about finding the right solutions for our customers so that they get great products at the right price.
  • We want to deliver the future, today: We are forward thinking and believe in providing cutting edge integrated payment solutions to help our customers run their entire business.
  • We care about our people: We aim to always to do the right thing by our staff so that they can do the right thing by our customers. That’s why every member of our team owns a share of our business.
  • We believe in paying back our oceans: We put our values into our ventures which is why we’re donating at least 1% of our profits to help conserve our oceans.

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