Online & Table Ordering System

Our systems link directly to our payment gateway to offer a seamless online store for your shop, pub, restaurant or take away. In fact you don’t even need a website. We can set this up, add your menu and pricing and manage all of the card payments… And at a fraction of the cost of the usual online delivery companies.

Secure, reliable table or online ordering system

Easy & quick to set up with all the heavy lifting taken care of

No long contracts

Online ordering systems for takeaways

  • Managed web pages to host your menu, products & pricing
  • Ubereats Integration, so all orders drop into one system
  • Draw delivery zones & add fees where desired
  • Kitchen screens, customers screens & customer apps
  • Lower costs than the usual suspects
software for restaurant delivery
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Table ordering systems for pubs & restaurants

  • We’ll set up your menu, products & pricing
  • Let customers order from table via your website
  • Take payments through the online system
  • QR code to help customers access the menu
  • Orders sent straight to bar area or printer
qr code ordering at table
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All the features you need to run your business

Stock Management

Manage stock on your online store to ensure you never sell what you don’t have. Plus our epos system can manage stock of other sub items to make your inventory management a breeze

Online ordering website

Use your existing page as a gateway to the ordering system or we’ll create a new one for you. It’s your choice.  Support is free with us & we’ll also provide system training to make life easy for you

Easy set up

We’ll manage the heavy lifting. Just give us your menu or stock list & we’ll manage the set up & add pricing

Android or iOS

Whatever existing system you use, we can make things and there are also lovely apps to impress your customers

Link to in store systems

Collect your orders in store or in your kitchen, with screens or printers to relay orders. And if you need some epos base units or accessories, just ask.

Next Generation Card Machines

We’ve even got card machines that link to your online ordering system and in store system to take orders & payments on the same device

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Need to add anything for in store

We also offer face to face card solutions that can either be stand alone or linked to your Online epos system

Intelligent card machines for table ordering

New Pax devices that allow you to take orders & payments on the same device. Perfect for table service as you can send orders straight to the bar or kitchen and tale payments on the same device.  You can even print orders & customer receipts.  Wi-Fi & GPRS with built in printer, this is a mini epos system in a card machine at an affordable price. From £27p/m with rates from 0.5%.

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mobile card machine move 3500

Standard Card Machines

Ingenico card machines from £15p/m with rates from 0.5%. Fixed, portable or mobile

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Connected Card Machines

Pax devices that link directly to your epos system. From £21p/m with rates from 0.5%.

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Ingenico Move 3500

Unlike other providers we don’t charge a % of your order.
Just trying to keep things simple and affordable…

Set up fee – From £100
Monthly Fees – From £30
Card Fees – From 1.5% + 20p

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