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What is an EPOS system or epos solution?

This is a till system to manage your products, services, stock & sales.

What are some examples of EPOS?

An epos system usually is a screen, printer, cash drawer and card machine. But increasingly you may find some of these elements all in one system, like the Poynt 61B from Breathe Payments.

What is an EPOS provider?

Usually a software company providing software as a service (SAS) and charging a monthly licence fee. Sometimes these providers also provide card machines / PDQ’s.

What is an EPOS transaction?

Once you make a sale and put a transaction through the EPOS system, it will record this sale and the details. You may also have a card machine linked to the system that will authorise the sale and take payment.

Which EPOS system is the best UK?

There are many systems and some suit different businesses and sectors more than others. Breathe Payments provide options for all sectors with relevant features.

Is EPOS safe?

Usually the data is protected within the system, so yes, usually safe. Any card holder data is not normally stored within the system, so this side is also usually safe, but best to check with your provider.

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