Cash Advance

Business funding should be fast & simple.  With Breathe Cash Advances, there are no long forms, no complicated questions & you don’t have to submit a lot of documents.  Just simple, unsecured, fast and affordable funding. It’s easy to apply and funds could be in your account in days.

How Does It Work?


Choose the amount you need – Between £5,000 - £1,000,000


We apply on your behalf by filling in a quick form about your companies' details.


Get a decision in 24 Hours. Get Funded in 3 days.


Repay a % of daily card sales

Call for more info - 0203 985 9089
Why Choose A Cash Advance?

A pre-agreed fixed repayment amount including fees. No late payments, monthly charges or hidden costs.


You only pay back as you get paid. If business is quiet you pay less and if trade is good you pay back more.

Easy and Fast

We make the application on your behalf & receive a decision within 24hours. Funds can be in your account in days.

It’s easy to get started – Just call or email & we can assess your business for eligibility.  The application process is quick and easy and funds could be in your account in a week.


Eligibility Criteria needed to apply:
– Businesses must have a minimum of £5,000 Monthly turnover on average
– Business must have been trading for a minimum of 3 months
– Receive up to 2x your monthly turnover

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