The New Castle Saturn Vs PaxA920 Pro & Ingenico DX8000


The Castle Saturn is the newest addition to our card machine range and we really like it because this card machine was designed to make payments fast and easy in a cost effective way. The big question is, how does it compare to the already established PaxA920 Pro & Ingenico DX8000?


Castle Saturn 

Castle Saturn V1

This is a reliable card machine with low return rates & it’s fast payment processing. It also comes with a charging cradle as standard, which the Pax Pro does not. Lets explore its main Features.

• You can turn off receipt printing for faster sales if needed
• It can auto batch at the end of the day if you prefer
• Gratuities system is % and £, so you have the option
• However, it has less integrations, so fewer till systems to link to


PaxA920 Pro 

PaxA920 Card Machine

It’s also a reliable card machine, but has become a little expensive recently and the cradle costs extra. Lets explore its main features.

• Can view recent transactions on screen
• Access to Pax go insights portal to view live transactions
• Gratuities system is % and £, so you have the option
• You can turn off receipt printing for faster sales if needed
• But No auto batching with many banks

A biggest Advantage of the PaxA920 Pro is its ability to run EPOS software on the device. This means that the PaxA920 Pro can be taken to the table to order & take payment on one device. It can also be used for events as a card machine with menu & order capability.


Ingenico DX8000Portable

This is also a reliable card machine as with all Ingenico devices, but connectivity doesn’t appear to be as good as previous models. Plus it’s lacking a few features…

• Gratuities system is % and £, so you have the option
• Can’t view recent transactions on screen
• You can’t turn off receipt printing if needed
• No auto batching with most banks


The deciding factor on which card machine you should purchase depends on your intended use and how fast you need to take payments. If you have a need to take orders at table or at events, then the PaxA920 Pro is the clear favourite due to its Epos menu ordering features. If you are just looking for a standalone card machine to take payments at the counter or on the go, then we think the Castle Saturn is the best choice due to the lower price.

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