Our pricing is flexible and designed with your business in mind.

The Options


Pay as you go. Suited to seasonal or smaller business just starting out. Rates will be slightly higher, so as you grow be sure to call us and we’ll switch you to a more suitable plan.


Pay monthly. We can offer a better rate for pay monthly, so if you don’t mind a contract this is probably right for you.


Card machine prices reduce with longer contracts, so if you’re an established business this might be best for you.


Just choose the products you need and we’ll find the best solutions and pricing for you.

Some pricing by product is shown below,
but call us to get a full quote…

From £33 per month
& 0.4%

Smart POS and Epos

Rates from 0.4%
Epos from £26 per month

Online Payments

PAYG 1.1% + 10p
Online Ordering from 0.5% + 10p

Virtual Terminal

£5 per month & from 0.8%
& 10p per transaction

Payment Links

£5 per month & from 0.5%
& 10p per transaction

Chip & Pin Machines

From £16 per month
& 0.35%

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