Cash Advances Vs Business Loans

With tough times in the economy & costs increasing, many businesses are turning to loans to bridge the gap.  These can be short or long term loans.  But they often come with set up fees and penalties for any missed payments.  So this can become costly.

Cash advances are another option.  They’re flexible, quick to access and use your card transactions through your website or card machine to re pay the advance.  So they require no security or personal guarantees.

Cash advances – benefits over a loan

Rather than a traditional loan via the banks that really do not have an appetite for lending at the moment.  Why not consider a Merchant Cash Advance.

  • 90% approval rate for this funding scheme. So a perfect credit score is not needed to be approved
  • A decision within just 72 hours and the repayment options are tailored to match the earning power of your business
  • Borrow anything from £5,000 to £1,000,000 And n0 accounts needed if you borrow up to £100,000
  • Advances are paid back at an agreed % with no hidden costs and no interest charges
  • Cash Advances are actually cheaper if you look at them versus a 5 year loan

Business funding is tough right now  So this could be a good solution for short term cash flow or in helping in grow your business.

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