Portable Card Machines

Portable Card Machines

A Portable Card Machine has become a vital part of so many businesses nowadays, particular with the general movement away from using Cash.

Portable Card Machines

As a business owner, this then leads to the inevitable questions……

How do Portable Card Machines work?

All card machines essentially work in the same way.  They take information from a customer’s debit or credit card, transmit the information to the payment processor and collect information from the customer’s bank.  The transaction is then approved if the card machine detects clear and available funds.


To enable this process to happen a connection to the internet is needed, which for a portable card machine can either be via a standard mobile data connection (GPRS) similar to a mobile phone.  Alternatively, they can connect via WiFi.


What are the Options?


A simple Portable Card machine that just takes payment and connects via GPRS signal with a free sim card inside.  Perfect for when you want to take payments on the move or as a back up in case your wifi drops.




POYNTAn Epos card machine  like the Poynt 61B can take payments anywhere with easy connection to GPRS and Wi-Fi.  It also has free epos software built in, can track cash and card sales as well as easily manage tabs, split bills, add tips, or simply tap and go.




pax-card-machineAn intelligent card machine like the Pax A920, GPRS and WiFi enabled, it can link to an Epos system and can load epos software to allow you to take orders and payments at the table.





How much does a card machine cost?

The cost of a portable card machine can vary.  It really depends on your business and how much you take on card. If your Card Turnover is less than £15,000 per annum, then a pay as you go deal might be the cheapest option.

You can pick up a basic card reader for as little as £19 with no monthly fixed costs.   This is a great way to get started.  However, be aware the per transaction fee payable will inevitably be higher with this type of machine.  So you should keep this under review as your business grows.

What is the best card machine for a small business?

If your turnover is less than £15,000, then typically a portable card machine from someone like Sumup with no monthly fees is hard to beat.

However, if your business has a a turnover greater than this, then there are definitely more cost effective options.

To maximise the savings you should consider a contract;

  • you will be able to secure significantly cheaper transaction rates
  • you will receive better support when things go wrong including a replacement machine if you have a fault
  • you will have access easier access to upgrades as required.

Can I buy my own card machine?

Yes, you certainly can. The Poynt 61B, an All in One Epos Card Machine can be bought outright for £399 + VAT.   Alternatively, we offer a monthly payment arrangement at just £29pm.

An advantage of going monthly, is that it opens access to even cheaper transaction fees than if you pay upfront.

More on the: Poynt All in One EPOS Card Machine


In conclusion, if you are looking for a portable card machine, have a card turnover of more than £15,000 and are looking for the cheapest solution; The simple answer is to consider  Card Payment Solutions with a monthly contract.


Hopefully this helps on the basics, but if you have any questions on portable card machines or our range of EPOS, Till Systems or Card Machines then feel free to contact us on 0203 985 9080 or info@breathepay.co.uk


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