card payment solutions

Card Payment Solutions 

Choosing the best option for your business 

card payment solutions

Here are some useful tips when considering card payment solutions for your business:

Just want to take card payments face to face 

The first thing to think about is how much you take on cards.  If it’s less than £15k p/a then you may want to consider a pay as you go option like izettle or sumup. 


You just buy a card reader that pairs with your phone or tablet and then pay per transaction with no monthly fee 

Pro’s – Cheaper for lower turnover businesses and no monthly fee 

Cons – More expensive if you turnover more than £15k p/a as the per transaction fees are much higher and you also potentially have to buy a tablet and receipt printer 


Card Payment Solutions – Monthly rental Vs Pay as you go 

Many people prefer the flexibility of pay as you go and not signing a contract.  This makes sense if you are a new business, but as you grow and become more stable it’s worth considering the benefits of paying monthly:-

A. Cheaper transaction rates 

B. Better support of things go wrong 

C. Replacement machines if they break and upgrades where needed 

We’re pretty flexible on most things and if things change as they generally do in business, then we’ll always try to find a way to help adapt contracts to the needs of your business. 


Do you need epos functionality like stock management, table management or appointment booking systems?

You might want to consider an EPOS Card Machine or a full EPOS Till System.


Need to take payments via e-invoicing, online payments or over the phone?

We offer a variety of Online Payment Options so you can pick what is right for your business. 


If you have any questions on card payment solutions or our range of EPOS, Till Systems or Card Machines then feel free to contact us on 0203 985 9080 or


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