Taking card payments by email is fast and easy with Payment Links from Breathe Payments

If your business accepts recurring payments from customers and you have not heard of Payment Links, then read on. It could be just what you need to save time and simplify running your business.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, gym owner or any other type of business that customers need to pay, having a ‘Pay Now’ button for taking card payments by email is fast and easy. You send a link to your customers in an e-invoice which allows them to pay via a secure payment webpage. It is that easy. Fees can be as little as £5 per month and from 0.5% per transaction.

Payments Can Be Automated Payments

Set up automatic payments for things like memberships, lessons, subscriptions, and more. Many businesses do this via Direct Debit using Bacs. But this is often time-consuming; matching invoice numbers and reconciling payments. Why not let Payment Links or your own online payments system do the hard work? They offer alerts when customers have paid or if anything has failed to go through and you can add reference numbers to ensure all payments match up seamlessly. The transactions all sit in your online portal, so it’s easy to export to accounting software, and you can get a direct feed to speed things up and take some time back to run your business.

Customers Pay When Reading Their Emails

Upfront payments and subsequent ones can run for as long or short a period as you like. If you have a website then with some simple coding, you can allow customers to set these up themselves with no manual work needed. It does not matter if a customer needs to pay weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. Everything can be automated. And your customers can pay when checking their emails on their computer or their smartphone.

The best main benefits:

  • No need for a website
  • Add links to invoices to make payment easier and quicker for your customers
  • Reduce time and effort chasing outstanding payments

Send A Secure Link

Breathe Payments offer Payment Links for £5 per month and from 0.5% per transaction.

It’s easy and quick to use:

  1. Just sign in to our secure portal
  2. Set up single or recurring payments as needed
  3. Enter your customer’s details and send them a secure link by email or social media
  4. They click the link and enter their card details
  5. You get paid
  6. And lastly you get a payment confirmation email

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