taking card payments over the phone

Top tips to save money when taking card payments….

taking card payments over the phone

We talk to a lot of businesses that opt for their card machine when taking payments over the phone.  In some cases this makes sense, but often they are not taking any face to face payments, so are paying far too much for a card machine they don’t need! 

Virtual Terminal is a portal that allows you to take card payments over the phone and costs a fraction of the price of a card machine. 

You don’t need a website and can have as many users as you like.  Payments are all tracked in the portal, so you have access to your data whenever you need it and can export to your accountant at year end. 

Just another tip on how to save money and use technology to help your business. 

If you have any questions on taking card payments over the phone or our range of EPOS, Till Systems or Card Machines then feel free to contact us on 0203 985 9080 or info@breathepay.co.uk

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