Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale Software


Point of sale software is changing and has now become the hub for most businesses.  With features like employee hours tracking, stock management & booking systems / table booking; epos software has become critical to most business owners.  


But not everyone needs an epos system with every conceivable feature and this should be considered when looking at your options.  


We see many business owners taking on epos software with all the bells and whistles and as a result paying far more than they need.  Often when they only really need a basic epos software to track product, cash & card sales.


Point of Sale Software


So there a few things to consider when looking at point of sale software:-

  1. What features do you need?
  2. Do you really need stock management and are you going to use it?
  3. How much is your turnover and how much should you spend on a pos software system


Point of Sale Software by Sector


Coffee shops, café’s and small bistros – if you don’t do table service and just have walk up to counter orders, then you can save money on a full pos software system by choosing something like a Poynt terminal.  These have all the software features needed for a walk up service.


Pubs / restaurants – Mid range pos systems will usually do the trick and allow order at table & reservation features.  It’s worth also looking at QR code ordering and ensure that these orders link to your main epos system to avoid needing multiple screens.  Top end restaurants will need bespoke features & lots of added value elements, so please ask us if you need advice.


Retail – A specialist system is usually needed here and it’s worth paying set up costs if there are lots of SKU’s.  Stock management across online / in store could also be a useful feature, but this can get expensive.


Hair & Beauty – Again, the smaller Poynt system is usually good for this sector and is a lot cheaper than a full epos system.  Plus you can have different users for different chairs and track takings.




We have different epos hardware and various point of sale softwares to fit in side, so we can help you choose the right combination for your business.


Find out more here:  EPOS, Till Systems & Card Machines


Alternatively, if you need any advice on different pos softwares to use feel free to contact us on 0203 985 9080 or info@breathepay.co.uk


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