Whether you’re a butcher baker, pub, restaurant or take away an Online ordering system has become something of a necessity recently.  But which one and how do you make your choice?  A few tips below…

  1. Some people have asked if they can just use a standard online gateway – The answer is yes, but you still need specialist online ordering software to manage the pick up & delivery options, so best to choose a business who can provide all of this
  2. You don’t need to give away a large % if your order value plus card transaction fees, so shop around & find an option that offer a flat fee and lower rates below 2% on card transactions
  3. Ensure you have stock management built in – And differentiate between online stock management and in store as it can be different
  4. If you also need an in store system them buy it with the online system to ensure it all works together – It’ll be cheaper in the long run and allows you to better run your business with ease

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