EPOS for Salons

Till Systems & EPOS for Salons

When considering a new EPOS or Till System for a Salon, there are many different features available.   

EPOS for SalonsWe highlighted some of the important issues, in our recent EPOS for Hair & Beauty article.  

In addition to the options discussed previously, there are some core features of the till system itself for a salon that you will most likely need.

There will also be many additional EPOS features that you may not need in your Salon, most of which come at a considerable cost.

It is therefore worth thinking long and hard on whether you are going to use these extra features to ensure you don’t end up wasting your money.

EPOS features for Hair & Beauty Salons

Features to consider: 

Appointment booking – Essential to ensure things run smoothly

Staff management – It beats manually logging when staff start and finish 

Discounts & Promotions – Useful if you want to run promotions and repeat business 

CRM system – This is really important to allow you to manage customers and improve loyalty

Product catalogue – You really want the capability mass import items to this list 

Product modifiers – Great where you have different variations of services  

Back office web portal – For multi outlet sites this allows you to look at sales across sites 

Online reporting – Allows analysis of sales trends and creates valuable business insights 

Stock management – Really useful to ensure you are always fully stocked 


There are many other features that you may also want like direct integration with accountancy software, integrated payment devices, commission calculators, etc.  All of which we have, but these may be down to personal preference. 

Find our more on our range of solutions for the Hair & Beauty sector.


Hopefully this helps on the basics, but if you need any more information then please feel free to call us for a chat.   


If you have any questions on card payment solutions or our range of EPOS, Till Systems or Card Machines then feel free to contact us on 0203 985 9080 or info@breathepay.co.uk

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