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Choosing the right epos pos system is critical to the success of your business.

epos pos system

What is an EPOS system?

Epos pos systems or Electronic Point of Sale are also known as Till Systems and come in many shapes and sizes.

They also come in varying costs, so it’s important for you to be clear on the features you need for an epos pos system.

Common features are:-

1. Stock management

2. Loyalty apps

3. Cloud based reporting & access

What is an EPOS example?

The features you’ll need with your epos pos system will really depend on the sector you work in and how you want to run your business.

So to help guide you, we’ve broken this down by a few sectors below…

  1. Hair & Beauty – Clocking on and off are useful to manage staff and online booking is pretty critical.  Many systems just offer booking calendar if taken over the phone, but an integrated online booking system makes life a lot easier.  Customer management (CRM) system also helps with an epos pos system
  2. Hospitality – Although many people ask for stock management, not many use it to its best effect.  But you can track bottles, kegs, food ingredients and many more things if you want.  Tips management & split bills are also something that come in handy with epos pos systems.  And of course table management is critical if managing more than a few tables
  3. Retail – Clearly stock management is a must here & loyalty really helps.  Customer management systems also help keep track of you customers & scanning & barcodes management is essential.
  4. Coffee – For many coffee shops and café’s where no table service is done, then a simple all in one epos card machine often does the trick & these are half the price ofcard machine for small business an epos system and card machine, so worth exploring this and products like Poynt, which we offer as an all in one system.  You can manage your menu, orders & print receipts all on the same device with no up front costs, so worth considering.

What is the difference between POS and EPOS?

Point of Sale or POS typically refers to the manual and/or physical exchange of goods or services.  This can include using both software and hardware.  Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) on the other hand generally allows a greater functionality of both the hardware and software across all business functions including payments, account reconciliation, stock control as just some of the features.

Why EPOS systems are so important?

Epos pos systems are important to the success of a business for many reasons, not least the ease at which they enable businesses to receive payments.  A well designed and effective epos pos system can dramatically improve the cash flow of any business.

Other elements to consider with an epos pos system are:-

  • Mobile hand hand devices are becoming increasingly useful in some sectors as they allow you to take your epos pos system with you to tables & customers.  They can also work hand in hand with a traditional system to allow orders to be sent to kitchen or bar areas direct from the card machine
  • Integrated card machines – Worth thinking about whether you want your epos pos system to automatically tell the card machine what to charge.  Often very useful in retail and hospitality.

How much do EPOS systems cost?

The cost of an EPOS system will depend on the level of functionality you require for your Business. 

There are 4 options available that will influence the cost of your epos pos system:

  1. Up front payment – Buying the machine can save money
  2. Pay monthly – Leasing equipment is more expensive, but spreads the cost
  3. Pay as you go card machines – usually come with a higher rate, so best to avoid for a bigger business
  4. Monthly card machine fee – Better for more established businesses

At Breathe Payments, we believe in providing the right package to suit the needs and budget of your business.  

We can provide market leading deals on both epos hardware and software, along with transaction fees as low as 0.4%.

More information on epos pos pricing.

We offer a range of devices…

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