Just Eat, Uber Eats & Deliveroo Partners

If you are one of the 11,500 Deliveroo Partners in the UK,  an Uber Eats Partner, a Just Eat partner or perhaps even all three, then it’s likely you could save money.

For all take away owners, the costs involved in delivery apps is difficult to absorb. And you don’t want to keep increasing prices to compensate. 

deliveroo partners Some tips on how to cut costs…

1.  Do you have your own website? If not, it’s worth doing this. Although it may cost around £700, so there is an alternative…

2.  Use an online ordering platform like this one: Online Ordering Demo Site. We’ll set up the web pages and menu for you for just £100.

3.  Get a Google listing on ‘Google my business’. Then if anyone searches on Google for take aways in the area, your listing will come up. But remember, don’t list the delivery apps on this listing as all you’re doing is driving traffic to them so they can charge you a big fee.

4.  Just use delivery apps for customers who search for take aways via these apps. This will cut down on expensive orders.

5.  Take orders for collections via your own online ordering site. It will save you fees on apps

6.  Get your own delivery driver. Test it out with 1 and see how it goes. Then you can use your own online ordering site to manage these deliveries and cut out the delivery apps

How to setup your own Online Ordering System

Online ordering systems don’t cost much to set up, so it’s worth testing out, given the huge costs that Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo partners experience.  All you need is the following… 

  1. Domain – Easy bought via Godaddy for around £1 
  2. Website landing page – Just a front page needed for the domain and we can help create this for you 
  3. Menu pages – We can also set this up for you and add logos, images, pricing.  We then link it to your website with an ‘Order now’ button 
  4. Acquiring account and gateway – We can also set these up for you to allow the site to take card payments 

And that’s it really, it’s fairly easy and fast to do. 

Online Ordering Systems

Features you may want from an Online Ordering System 

  1. Times collection or delivery slots – This helps manage your kitchen capacity to avoid taking too many orders at once 
  2. Google and apple pay – Helps customers easily order and repeat order without the need to keep entering card details 
  3. Customer management system – Allows you to store customer contact details and run email marketing campaigns to them via the system 
  4. Loyalty app – Allows you to reward customers for repeat purchases if you want 
  5. Delivery driver app – Helps you track orders and deliveries 
  6. Kitchen screens – You may prefer a screen to a printer to manage orders in the kitchen 
  7. Epos system – Our online ordering system is also an epos system for table management, so you only need one system for both 
  8. Integrated card machines – Helpful to link to the system to make taking face to face payments easier 


If you need any help in setting this up, then you can get more information here: Online Ordering


Alternatively, we can also help you do this if you’d like.  Just get in touch and we can advise on how to save money and set things up.  You can contact us directly on 0203 985 9080 or info@breathepay.co.uk.


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