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Card Payments for Apps & Platforms

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Have you chosen the right card payment provider for your app or platform?

There are various options out there and vary wildly on technical capability and price. Here are a few pointers when making your decision…

1. Stripe are the most popular. Easy integration, excellent systems and data. But they’re expensive at 1.4% + 20p. Good maybe for starting out, but you may then want to access a cheaper option. They are also limited on the card machine options if you’re looking at multi channel

2. Direct to an acquiring bank – Seems like a good option and the rates would be lower, but they are usually big corporations and surprisingly are not that we’ll set up for software vendors.  Support is usually the problem area along with lack of flexibility.

3. Price versus technical capability – There are other payment companies that can offer a low price on card payments and gateways. Often these come with a poor level of customer service and a lack of tech understanding. So it’s worth asking which acquiring bank they’re using, if they are direct into that bank and who provides the customer support.

4. Speed of on-boarding customers – Stripe are fast, so if you’re going to move away from them, you’ll probably see your on-boarding times go up to a few days. Is this a problem for you? If not, then maybe worth it for the cheaper rates

Card Payments for Apps & Platforms

If you want to chat through the best solution, then feel free to get in touch with us. We can provide gateway and card payment services with easy integration, good customer service and low rates of just 0.5%.

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Card Payments for Apps & Platforms



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