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During a time where everything is available in an instance, customers don’t want their precious time consumed by waiting. So is the process of waiting to order, waiting for your server to plug your order into a till, waiting for the bill, waiting for the card machine and then waiting for your friend to split the bill on their phones’ calculator really in keeping with today’s technical world? That’s a whole lot of waiting!

POYNT is the world’s first all-in-one intelligent smart device with built in epos software, which means businesses can eliminate the need for multiple devices and serve their customers faster and more effectively.

Chip and pin machines are still the right solution for some, but businesses are increasingly looking for products that can help them manage and grow their businesses.  According to an Access Hospitality Trends Report, 33% of bars and restaurants see investing in Epos technology as a high priority.

And it not just the hospitality sector that could benefit from this technology. 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience and in the health or beauty sector, Poynt allows businesses to give their customers a truly luxurious experience, by taking payment for products and treatments from the comfort of the salon chair – no need to use a separate till and card reader.

The benefits don’t stop there. Poynt allows businesses to:

  • Take payment anywhere with built in GPRS and Wifi
  • Use one device to take orders, present the bill, manage split bills and take payment
  • Provide a faster and more convenient check out experience with a built in printer and customisable product catalogue
  • Have complete visibility of the entire business, from anywhere at any time. Poynt HQ allows you to monitor sales in real time, send batches and manage users, all via the central hub
  • Build trust and keep their customers data safe with end to end encryption, protected by the latest technology.

Using technology to engage customers and generate more revenue is a must for businesses that hope to thrive in a digital age. So if your business isn’t on Poynt, you may want to be!

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