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Are new Epos based card machines blurring the lines between card machines and Epos?

With so much choice, it can be difficult these days to work out what software and hardware you need to run your business.  There is also the question of how much you should be investing?


For many businesses Epos systems are a great way to add some intelligence and insight.  You can track staff timings, stock management, manage appointments or table bookings and offer discounts and promotions to help market yourself.  Typically once you add a card machine & printer you’re looking at minimum £75 per month, which for some larger business works well.


But for smaller businesses there’s been a gap.  Use a cheap card reader (From izettle or sum up) and pay 1.75% or just use a simple card machine with none of the epos features a business needs.  So what about a device that has it all – Card machine, Epos system and printer?  These come at almost half the price at around £36 per month, lower transaction rates & are a great option for businesses who still need certain Epos features without all the unnecessary and expensive bells and whistles. Its a win win.


One example is the new Poynt device, an all-in-one intelligent smart device with built in epos software, which allows businesses to give their customers a truly exceptional payment experience, while helping them run their business. While this device doesn’t yet have table booking & full stock management, it has a product catalogue, full web based access to sales & transaction data, ability to create tabs, add tips, split bills, discounts & much more.  It also has a built in printer, wifi and GPRS & is touch screen.


Poynt means business can eliminates up front costs & the need for multiple devices & serve their customers faster and more effectively. Oh and did we mention, it looks great!


There are other also new machines that allow you to take full Epos functionality into a mobile device like this.  So it’s worth reading up before making a purchase and really understanding the features you need. We’re happy to help you navigate this if you need any advice, so feel free to call us for a chat.



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