Many businesses are running perfectly well using card machines to take payments and then using pen and paper or apps to run their cafe, shop or salon.  That’s fine, but can be a little more time consuming and lead to more admin.  For example:-

  • You still need to log cash and card transaction and then reconcile these at the end of the day and month.
  • Getting sales and transaction data to your accountant can be difficult & time-consuming.
  • And you may be missing out on valuable insight about your customers that could lead to greater customer loyalty.

Cost is another thing to factor in and although not having software to help run your business saves money in the short term, what are the real impacts on cash?

  • Bookkeeping and accountancy costs to take transaction data and enter this into monthly and annual accounts.
  • No shows at appointments or table bookings without text alerts to remind people.
  • The cost of staff to manually run admin and stock management tasks.

It’ always a big decision moving to a new system and knowing which one to choose is difficult.  The costs from one package to another vary and so do the features and functions.  So it’s worth doing some quick desk research, but the first stage is to be really clear on the core features you need.  You don’t want to pay a fortune and then rarely use the features you’ve paid for.  Features also vary by sector, so make sure you have the right software for your business.

And if you need any advice before buying we’re happy to talk things through with you to identify what you really need.

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