Many people use Bacs payments to get paid, which is fine with just a few transactions.  But many businesses have complained that they find it hard to match up payments with their invoices and they’re constantly checking their account to see if they’ve been paid.

Research shows that almost half of the UK’s small to medium sized enterprises are being paid late, with the average payment debts estimated to be a shocking £32,185. One way to help your business get paid faster is to use Payment Links, which allows you to take payment from customers by simply generating and sending them a link.

Payment Links allows you to speed up the payment process and reduces the risk of manual errors. It’s a great option if you want to secure a booking or charge for orders remotely online or over the phone. It also means…

  • You and your customer get an alert when you’ve been paid, so you can easily track payments
  • You can add invoice references to ensure they match up
  • All of your transactions are kept in one place on the portal, so you can then export them at month or quarter end to go straight into your accountancy software

Security is also another factor to consider.  It’s common to take payments over the phone taking customer card details or even writing them down to add later.  There are various issues here from a data protection perspective and all of these transactions are classed as unsecure.  Meaning that you also pay a higher rate per transaction.

Payment links are all covered by 3D secure, meaning you don’t have to handle sensitive card details and your costs are lower – It’s a win win!


It’s really easy to use:

  1. Sign in to our secure portal
  2. Set up single or recurring payments as required and enter your customer’s details – It takes less than a minute
  3. Send the automatically generated and secure link to your customers by email or social media. You can even add your own logo and branding
  4. Once your customer clicks on the link you shared with them, a form will be opened in their browser where they will be able to see an overview of the payment and enter their card details
  5. You get paid and receive a confirmation email
  6. Job done


Online payments are four times more cost effective than offline methods, like cheques, money orders and cash payments. No need for a website or special software. Simple accept payments anytime from anywhere.

Make payments via email or social media a breeze. To get started, you can find out more here, or get in touch with a member of our team for more information.

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