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What’s App integration?

The term App Integrations was really confusing up to a few years. However, now most people know it’s just software systems talking to each other to make things easier and more transparent.

There are lots of ways this can help businesses.  here are just a few…

Epos integration

Cutting down on admin time is critical to businesses.  A recent survey of British SMEs by Sage revealed that small companies spend an average of 71 days and £35,600 on admin tasks per year.

app integration

Accountancy jobs and ensuring your transactions reconcile each month is something most business owners don’t look forward to.  There are now many ways that app integrations can be used to help cutting down on these tasks. One of them is direct integration into accountancy software packages like Sage and Xero. In other words, the ability to stream all of your business transactions directly into these packages could save time and money.

One such integration we can help with is via our Register epos software.  We offer an option to add these integrations with all cash and card transactions dropping straight into your chosen package, reducing the workload for accountants and their fees.  We currently integrate with Xero, Sage Business One & QuickBooks.

Another is via our e-commerce products.  Our gateway and e-invoicing tools both link directly to Xero to cut down on the above mentioned workload & fees.


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Epos and ecommerce integrated solutions

Stock management across ecommerce and in store epos is essential for many retail businesses.  Being able to analyse sales and manage stock across these platforms can provide complete transparency on stock positions and sales opportunities.  So we’ve recently added features to our epos software to allow a complete solution.  There’s also access to an online portal to view all transactions by channel or at a total level giving complete transparency.

See more details here… Register-connect

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