Till Systems for Pubs

Better Till Systems for Pubs & Restaurants

When considering Till Systems for Pubs & Restaurants it is important to think about how you will take orders and payments from your customers.

There are various options:

  1. Table Service: A member of staff takes both orders and payment from customers whilst seated at a table.
  2.  Bar Service:  Customers order, pay at the Bar/Counter/Serving area.
  3. QR Table Ordering: Customers order & Pay on their Smart Phone via a QR scanning code.

However, taking orders & payments is just one consideration, you may also then be thinking about:

  • How do you manage tips?
  • How much do you want/need to spend?
  • How tech savy are you and your staff?

These are just a few other points to bear in mind, which are discussed in the article below:

EPOS for Pubs – What are the best options? 


Till Systems for Pubs


Find out more here:  Till Systems for Pubs & Restaurants



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