ordering food online

How online ordering systems became popular?


ordering food online

With the now, not so new, social distancing rules and reopening of pubs and restaurants (hurray), a new requirement has emerged for online ordering and payments. This isn’t just about ordering a takeaway from home – although believe me, this has been an essential part of our lockdown life.

The introduction of online ordering systems have brought peace of mind to business owners and became the new way that customers order and pay for their food and drink outside of their homes-  maybe in a beer garden or even from the safety and  comfort of their table inside a restaurant.



Online ordering systems during lockdown


taking orders at the tableOnline ordering systems have become a staple for many businesses during lockdown, particularly takeaways, fish and chip shops and fast food outlets. But now more traditional hospitality outlets are looking for this service to give their customers additional peace of mind and convenience as we enter this next phase of life.  Its actually much simpler and more affordable then people think.



Cutting edge payment systems


Delivery softwareOver the past few months Breathe Payments has been providing online ordering systems to new types of customers looking to keep business thriving during lockdown and beyond. We have helped butchers, bakers, (no candle stick makers yet), pubs and restaurants get online and start providing staple food items, fresh fruit, curry and even Sunday roasts. We are now also helping businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector to gear up and get ready to reopen their businesses with cutting edge technology to allow customers to order and pay from anywhere. It really begs the question, are the days of long queues at the bar over for good?



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