When people think of business funding, many people assume it takes months, involves lots of forms and means putting your house on the line. But what is there was a more stress free way to help grow your business?

A new style of business funding has evolved. The Cash Advance. The idea is that you use your card transaction takings as security, rather than your house and your monthly transactions are paid back to you minus your repayments. It really is that simple.

You can secure fast funding in just a few days, repayments are flexible based on your business card takings and importantly they are unsecured.  It’s a win win and many business are finding its a great way to obtain much needed funding to help them grow their business.

To find out how much you could get you can always use our calculator here… https://breathepay.co.uk/cash-advance (Just click on “get funding’ and input your details).

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